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Our Values

We respect the fact that many of our Customers have placed their livelihoods in our hands and therefore rely on us to supply products that achieve results that are profitable, sustainable and environmentally sound.

Treat other people as you would have them treat you, this is a golden rule that we at Totalfert aspire to live by.

Our Team

Read about Our Team below and visit our Contact Page for full contact details.


Managing Director

Trevor started working in the quarry industry in 1982 as a general labourer.

Performing various roles over the years including – general labourer, machine operator, plant operator, blasting supervisor, sales manager, quarry manager and operations manager.

Trevor left the role of operations manager at Bombay quarry in 2003 and designed a plant to blend natural fertiliser for a company that supplied natural fertiliser to the market.
In 2013 Trevor started his own company called Totalfert with a focus on achieving excellent results for his clients whilst ensuring the environment is not harmed.
Trevor is married with 5 children ranging from 23 years old to 6 year old twin boys, and his hobbies are his family, fishing and community work.

A project that Trevor is currently working on setting up a team to start building kitset gardens for people in South Auckland. This involves putting in a garden and teaching people how to grow their own vegetables.

“We will be providing the labour, the wooden crates, seedlings, the soil and especially the fertiliser!”

Trevor is very passionate about making a difference in people’s lives both through his business and at home. The Totalfert sales team and advisors share the same desire to also assist their client’s in any way possible.
They all have such a diverse range of skills – there are not many areas that they can not assist you with!

“I honestly believe in treating people well, it is a simple message that would change our world if it was put into practice.”


Northland Field Consultant & National Sales Manager

Grant has a natural affiliation with the land and stainable farming practices, he was born and bred at Bell Road Maungatawhiri, North Waikato, where his parents were farming after his father returned from serving in Africa & the Pacific in the second world war.

You can reach Grant on 021 370 505.

Biology has always been of intense interest to Grant and he has worked in the agricultural -horticultural industry most of his working life starting with part time work in glass houses growing tomatoes and beans, also fruit orchards in his college years.
Grant and his wife Janice leased a 150 acre dry stock farm at “Little Huia” on the northern heads of the Manukau Harbour for seven years from the Auckland Regional Authority prior to moving to Northland in 1986 when they purchased a 42 ha property at Riponui, 34kms north west of Whangarei.

This property is primarily used for beef and some sheep rearing, although they have planted about 50 mixed type fruit trees in an orchard that the grand children love to visit.
About one third of Grant’s family property as covered in mature native bush where Kiwi, kauri snails and gecko also call home, this is adjacent to Department of Conservation controlled kiwi reserves.

“This reinforces my belief in caring for the environment and our native flora and fauna.”

In the last 14 years as a biological/organic fertiliser field consultant Grant has attended many instructional seminars in New Zealand and Australia, achieved a level 5 NZQA certificate in organic growing in 2004 and a certificate in small business management 2004.

For several years Grant has been helping private and polytechnic classes with demonstrations in pruning fruit trees, vegetable growing and conducting lessons on soil biology.

As a firth generation New Zealander, Grant has traced his ancestry back to 1838 in the Hokianga and Kaipara Harbours to some of the earliest pioneers and this has given him an interest in genealogy, in studying and achieving certificates through “Te Wananga o Aotearoa” in Maori (Te Waharoa), Mauri Ora, Tikianga Maori – Graduating in 2013.
Grant’s other interests include “te Mahi Whakario” (Maori Carving), in various mediums e.g timber, bone, shell. Also landscape painting and on the rare occasion (when he has any spare time) enjoys reading a good book.

Bee keeping is a special passion of Grant’s and is an essential part of our horticultural/agricultural industry. Grant is D.E.C.A (Disease Elimination Control Authority) accredited and assists other hobbyist beekeepers in the Northland Region.

TERRY KENNEDY - Dip Sustainable Rural Development

Hokianga Field Consultant

Terry has been a practical ecologist for over 20 years. His focus has been primarily on agro-ecology, fitting agricultural and horticultural production into the ecological parameters they inhabit.

“Permaculture, biodynamics and biological farming methods all have a great deal to offer the modern farmer both in cost effective production whilst limiting environmental impact.”

Terry designed and taught a practical Sustainable Rural Development course for Northtec and runs biological farming workshops for dairy farmers struggling with effluent management and nutrient cycling on their units.

Terry lives overlooking the Hokianga Harbour, a great location for someone who loves his fishing!

“It’s great to be working with a product that respects the integrity of the soils that we depend on for everything we grow.”

David Whitteker


I have been heavily involved in the horticulture scene (mainly kiwifruit) within the Bay of Plenty since 1978 where I worked on the family orchard in Te Puke under the tutelage of my father. After 5 years of this I gained new experiences by managing large kiwifruit orchards both in Tauranga and Gisborne. In 1984 I returned back to Te Puke after the sudden death of my father where I leased the two family orchards. As a result of all the experience I had garnered over the previous 6 years one or both of our two orchards was consistently in the top 5 producing for Satara. This was due to my focus and understanding of soil health and the importance that biology and good chemistry plays in growing superior crops.
In 2006 I formed a company dealing specifically with humates and its derivatives and today the humates business is also a big part of my life.
I have recently become an Account Manager with totalfert for the Bay of Plenty/Waikato region. This position is very rewarding as I enjoy meeting farmers and kiwifruit orchardists very much.
I mainly serve the Southern BOP area along with Mike Hodgkinson but have a few existing clients in the Waikato area as well.
With my history and knowledge in the kiwifruit sector I have now also become the kiwifruit consultant for the company. This new role has enabled me to pass on my experience and knowledge helping orchardists maximise their crop potential through the proper use of their soil.
I feel very comfortable selling the wonderful range of totalfert products that we supply. I particularly like the concept of custom blends designed for our customer’s operations after soil testing. The pasture and crop results from the farms and orchards that I manage are excellent and new clients are seeing the benefits very quickly.

You can contact Dave at 0275 735 312.

Teresa Pollard

Matamata Piako District

You can contact Teresa on 0275 300 895

Chris Storm

Waikato Field Consultant

You can contact Chris Storm on 021 370 504

Mike Hodgkinson


You can reach Mike on 022 694 8458.

Ian Garlick

Bay Of Plenty/ South Waikato

You can reach Ian on 021 663 505.

Dave Staite

Central Plateau Manawatu

You can reach Dave on 027 446 4722.