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Biological farming is not a new concept and in some cases generations of farmers have successfully followed this farming method with excellent, sustainable results. Before the advent of some of our modern farming practices, farmers knew how to work the land and understood the process of utilising what was on offer due to the natural processes that had been in place for many thousands of years. Modern biological farming is a system that uses nature and science to build the quality of the soil with the understanding that healthy soil will be able to support healthy crops and livestock. This takes advantage of the natural processes, which promote good soil, healthy crops, and healthy animals.

Soil that is healthy firstly has a balance of minerals that ensure a favourable environment to house micro-organisms. This coupled with the addition of organic particles serve as nourishment for plants by also providing food for bacteria, actinomycetes, yeast, fungi, algae, protozoa’s etc. and the larger creatures including earthworms. These organisms process and decompose the inert mineral and organic materials, thereby feeding the plants. A naturally productive soil contains a perfect balance of inorganic minerals, organic (carbon based) materials, and living organisms, all contained within a physical structure that absorbs and holds water to facilitate natural chemical reactions that feed plants perfectly.

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Aerial dressing of CustomBlend from Totalfert on Carter’s Kurunui Farm Opotiki.

Fred Carter has captured footage of flying ace John Spence from Airfarm applying fertiliser on the Carter farm.

A big shout out to Janet Spence the gun loader operator!