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At Totalfert we perform soil testing and supply test results and recommendations from Far North Envirolab’s Andreas Kurmann.

We can then customise the recommendations to meet your budget and any other requirements.

Our pricing will show the various inputs along with the competitive prices for each product.

Our staff and suppliers have such a diverse range of skills and hobbies we can offer ideas, assistance and solutions that go beyond simply supplying fertiliser. See the various members of the Totalfert team for more information.


At Totalfert we take pride in being honest and trustworthy people to deal with.
We respect the fact that many of our Customers have placed their livelihoods in our hands and therefore rely on us to supply products that achieve results that are profitable, sustainable and environmentally sound.

Treat other people as you would have them treat you, this is a golden rule that we at Totalfert aspire to live by.

Total Fert soil sample
Farmers taking soil sample for Total Fert