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The application rates per hectare are based on the recommendations from Andreas Kurmann who is our soil scientist. The calculation for the blend and application rate is made after the analysis of soil samples from Eurofins or another selected laboratory.

This analysis and calculation provides the required volume per hectare of TotalBlend plus the necessary additional minerals, trace elements and organic matter. This customised blend forms a very productive, biologically friendly and sustainable fertiliser.

The blend may include additional soil friendly products that include Potassium (e.g. Sulphate of Potash), Magnesium (Magnesium Sulphate, Magnesium Carbonate or Dolomite).

Calcium is obtained from Lime or Dolomite. Phosphate sources may include Guano or RPR(Sechura low cadmium). Sulphur can be sourced from Elemental Sulphur, Sulphur Bentonite, Magnesium Sulphate and Sulphate of Potash. Trace elements may include Boron, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Cobalt and Selenium.

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TotalBlend is our base product that has a combination of very finely crushed rock-dusts, MarinePLUS along with additional beneficial minerals and plant matter. This is batch blended to form a free flowing and easily spreadable product. Our rock dust is very fine with over 97% passing a 0.4 mm sieve. Up to 35% can pass through a 75 micron mesh.

The finer the rock-dust the better! Ultrafine particles are broken down easier and harvested by earthworms, fungi and bacteria. Our production controls ensure that the optimal moisture content is maintained to eliminate particles being blown away when spreading.

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A liquid that consists of fish that has been processed filtered and combined with kelp and other beneficial minerals and ingredients. It is designed to assist in foliar feeding of crops including avocado, kiwifruit and tamarillo. For pasture application it is a food source for the plant roots and especially the microbiology.

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Application of TotalBLEND

The application rates are generally from 300kg/hectare to 500kg/ hectare. However, the decision on the application of TotalBLEND should be made after the analysis of soil samples resulting in the calculated volumes of the required additional minerals, trace elements and organic matter. This is where the TotalBLEND volume is calculated and subsequently blended with all of the required products to form a very productive and sustainable fertiliser. The resultant product has been tailor made to match individual soil requirements, this is the CustomBLEND.

Application of MarinePLUS

For pasture we firstly should ensure that your soil is functioning properly ie, all macro and micronutrient deficiencies are addressed to enable the microbiology to make full use of the application. We recommend dilution of at least 10:1 and at least 20 litres/hectare.
Please note that we do not believe that liquid pastoral application is a replacement for solid fertiliser application as the sheer volume of macro and micro elements to establish fertile soil can only be achieved by solid fertiliser.

For foliar application we recommend dilution of at least 10:1 and 20 litres/hectare.
The liquid has a very high content of suspended particles and should be thoroughly mixed before every application. Under high pressure nozzles there is a risk of the oils and fats (mainly from the fish) to solidify into a grease like substance. This can be eliminated by pressure reduction (where possible) and larger nozzles. The liquid when produced is all sieved to under 0.8 mm but can form yeast and fungi chains when left for extended periods. Regular mixing can help reduce this growth; a strainer on the delivery vessel is another option.

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